Easily search and pull only relevant footage on-demand without needless network traffic

Rewinding footage is a nerve-wracking and time-consuming experience. Any retail business needs a fast lane when accessing the most relevant footage to effectively stop possible incidents.

NSoft Vision’s smart filters enable you to search for footage without the need to watch it at the same time.

Timeline view showcases recorded video footage, along with aligned series of face detections through time for each camera stream. With the help of AI, it’s easy and practical. You can filter visitors by their statuses, search the timeline view with faces displayed or even search the timeline by visitor’s names.

You can select the most relevant moments and pull short clips with high quality. Simply said, you watch only what you need to watch!

In comparison to any surveillance and video management software present on the market, this is a first solution to combine the timeline preview with actual faces of visitors, where instead of rewinding the footages, user can quickly search and click on any face displayed and access the footage where he/she was spotted and it’s identity profile.

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The user interface provides full control of identity management to implement internal and centralized...