Vision across Industries

NSoft Vision is a multi-dimensional product built to serve the needs of numerous industries. An extensive feature and use case portfolio deliver value in security, business, and marketing. From your business headquarters to any type of retail location.

Video Management for Retail

Smarter way to protect your stores, remotely.

Looking for the next big move to improve your retail operations? Here’s your chance to discover surveillance as video management and discover a smarter way to protect your stores, remotely.

Video Management for Events and Halls

Better Safety, Quality Insights, Efficient Organization

Your eyes on the ball, our eyes on the people. Introducing Vision for large events and stadiums. Organizing mass events is a hassle. However, Vision brings improvements in areas where you experience the most challenges.

AI System for Prison Security

Keep Your Staff and Inmates Safe in Correctional Institutions

NSoft Vision improves security in prisons with motion detection and people counting features. Vision can be used both as a single means of identification or as a support to an existing access control system. React quickly to incidents by pulling only the crucial moment within the video based on key events.

Video Management for Gas Stations

Fuel Your Security & Analytics Efforts With Premium AI Software

Security is one of the greatest concerns for any business. NSoft Vision solution is a smart video management system that prevents crime in each risk area. Gas stations crave custom-geared video management because of they work late hours and deal with a large amount of cash.

Retail Betting

NSoft Vision - an AI boosted video management system, sharpened and market-tested, brings data to bet shops.

NSoft Vision, a video management system, was custom built for bet shops. It was also tested and sharpened in real-life surroundings, with the help of NSoft's top betting clients, and now operates in multiple industries. Learn what NSoft Vision delivered to its basic niche - retail-based betting operators.

Video Management for Manufacturing

Intelligent Video Management increase security standards, protect people and assets in high-risk areas and improve production efficiency.

NSoft Vision is a production-ready video management system with experience in covering use cases for Oil Refinery & Paper Mill. This AI-boosted industrial solution has a portfolio of raising security standards, optimizing processes, preventing unwanted human behavior, and access control. For any manufacturing business.

Restaurants and Cafes

NSoft Vision for Food & Beverage Industry

Doesn’t matter if you are a manager or responsible for installations. At some point, a lot of people will need to check the security cameras, and usually, to find the right moment on the footage takes longer than it took you to install the entire system. NSoft Vision is simple and intuitive that every user becomes tech-savvy.

AI Video Management for Casino

A smart eye over your entire venture

The casino industry has huge demands in terms of player onboarding and safety. NSoft Vision, undertakes surveillance at all angles, providing casino operators with the necessary analytics to safeguard entrances and key areas.

Video Management for Hotels

NSoft Vision brings security and analytics benefits for hospitality industry

The hospitality industry, especially hotels have experienced rising crime rates in recent years. This is why most hotels have advanced security systems in place. However, security systems mostly just serve one single purpose in hotels - security. NSoft Vision, in contrast, tries to bring benefits across the board while still not interrupting your security efforts. In fact, it gives your security and your analytics a boost.

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The user interface provides full control of identity management to implement internal and centralized…

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