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Solving business and safety challenges with industry-custom solutions.

Land-based Betting

Vision is an AI-boosted system sharpened and market-tested in bet shops built to enhance your safety and automation standards. Meet responsible gaming standards and make the shift towards retail automation. Enhance self-service safety and intelligence.

Casino Venues

Keeping casino areas safe and free of potential threats is challenging. NSoft Vision helps you improve security, bring data into decision process, helps in access control and players detection.


Looking for the next big move to improve your retail operations? Here’s your chance to employ surveillance as video management and discover a smarter way to protect your stores remotely.

Gas Stations

Gas stations crave custom-geared video management because they work late hours and deal with a large amount of cash. Vision helps prevent crime in each risk area by working 24/7, enhancing access control and delivering intelligent analytics reports.

Hospitality Sector

Restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels all require advanced security systems and valuable customer insight. The system is simple and intuitive, and every user becomes tech-savvy.

Production Sector

Receive notifications and alerts for different events across all your premises. NSoft Vision improves safety and processes in manufacturing with features like human detection and access control.

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The user interface provides full control of identity management to implement internal and centralized…

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