Video Management System

Improve security, health, and business performance by bringing data to your retail.

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A Video Management System built to seamlessly work with IP cameras you already own. By investing in Vision, you're investing in much more than just security. From now on, keep control anytime, anywhere without the need to constantly monitor live streams.

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24/7 Customer Support

We are offering remote assistance via efficient ticketing system and technical assistance

Centralized Monitoring

Hybrid setup combining the locally dedicated server and power of cloud technology

Without Hidden Costs

The system is licensed with a monthly fee per camera

Understand Visitors With Heat Maps

Heat-maps are special reports provided by our data-analysis experts which give you an understanding of your hot zones.

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Visitor Management For Businesses

NSoft Vision was built to serve Intelligent Businesses.

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System and Video Management

Whether you have a couple or a dozen locations, Vision enables monitoring of all premises from central or remote places.

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Video Playback

NSoft Vision allows you to search, filter, and find the right video quickly.

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Video Management for Manufacturing

Vision is a production-ready video management system.

Increase security standards and protect people and assets in high-risk areas. Improve production efficiency with even more cost-efficient processes.

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Retail Betting

NSoft Vision brings data to bet shops.

Vision is the perfect solution for land-based betting as it allows to detect known vandals and blacklisted players, as well as prevent underaged betting.

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Restaurants and Cafes

Video Management for Restaurants and Cafes

NSoft Vision improves safety and business operations. It helps to prevent fraudulent activities, staff or visitor misbehavior, cash handling - all the problems that occur at your places.

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AI Video Management for Casino

A smart eye over your entire venture

NSoft Vision, undertakes surveillance at all angles, providing casino operators with the necessary analytics to safeguard entrances and key areas.

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Software Demo

Request access to a demo environment. No commitments, no hidden payments with all features available for first-hand tests

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Face Recognition

Video Analytics features based on the power of AI services are at the core of the NSoft Vision system.

Age & Gender Prediction

Industry-standard age estimation within +/-5 from real age and 99% success rate in a controlled environment

Emotion Prediction

Prediction of seven emotional states for customer satisfaction insights

People Counting

Count the number of people regardless of face recognition and understand traffic trends


Easily search and pull only relevant footage on-demand without needless network traffic

Live Streaming

Watch up to 16 camera streams with less than 1 Mbps bandwidth consumption per stream

Continuous Recording

24/7 recordings stored in compliance with Video Retention Requirements

Motion Zones & Search

Up to 4 custom motion zones with flexible sensitivity and motion area search

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Application Sections

Standard Setup Scheme

Easy to Install, Simple to configure

Vision Local Server

AI Stream Processing
+ Storing footage

Cloud Instance

Encrypted Metadata

IP Camera

Any IP Camera Brand

Device View

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

1500+ IP camera brands supported

Save expenses by using what you already have at your retail