Video Management System

Do more with your IP cameras

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State-of-the-art technology that lets you use IP cameras you already own. Turn your ongoing surveillance into a system that's sharper, smarter, and scalable.

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Remote Access

Access all cameras and action-ready data from mobile and desktop devices

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Face Recognition

Highly accurate face recognition connected to a chain of critical product features.

Age & Gender Prediction

Age prediction within +/-5 years from real age. 99% gender prediction accuracy in a controlled environment.

Emotion Prediction

Identification of 7 emotional states based on facial expressions.

People Counting

Body counter that feeds real-time and historical traffic data


Identify areas your customers are most attracted to

Live Streaming

Solidify your security standards, protect the people, and drive production efficiency.

Continuous Recording

24/7 recordings stored in compliance with Video Retention Requirements.


Search, pull, and share clear-cut video clips within seconds

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Vision Network Setup

Distributed processing for fine-tuned performance

Vision Local Server

AI processing & video storage

Central Cloud Unit


IP Camera


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1500+ IP camera brands supported

Save expenses by using what you already have at your retail