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Efficient video search is reported to be the most important function for almost every VMS user. No matter how strong incident prevention plans are, dangerous and suspicious events happen. As a result, protecting people and assets depends heavily on your ability to inspect fast. This is where NSoft Vision is especially useful.

The history playback allows you to search, filter, and find the right video quickly. With a scalable timeline, it's easy to view events from milliseconds to a year at a time. Advanced filters and search options make finding the right moment a lot easier. Rather than letting incidents escalate, we help you to prevent them at the source.

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Strong across the board, Vision is a VMS system built to improve security among other areas. Fast and efficient footage search and playback play a crucial role in this segment.

For Search
Search for Cameras, Identities, and Thumbnails

Manually finding a camera or even rewinding footage is a common problem most VMS and surveillance systems face. Investigating through hours of video junk most often ends up as a dragging experience. With NSoft Vision you can search anything from cameras, identities to their thumbnails on a scalable timeline.

  • Search for the cameras
Find any camera within the system by typing the name or filtering location. The process takes seconds and leads to a timeline interface with one simple click on a camera.

  • Search for the visitors
Search for any anonymized identity within the system and quickly preview the footage the moment they appear. Just type in the visitor title and pull the video in an instant.

  • Search the face thumbnails
Drill down the scalable timeline down to milliseconds and find the right events. Simply scroll in and out on the timeline grid and find the exact event by the matching thumbnail.

Filter the face thumbnails by visitor’s statuses, flags, and gender

Finding the right video clip is not just about the search option. Advanced filtering options allow you to narrow down the events on the historical timeline. This way you can play multiple video clips you need to inspect and investigate. Filtering finally allows you to find exactly the face thumbnails you need.

  • Filer cameras by the location (in case multiple cameras recorded the incident)
  • Filter face thumbnails by validation status (filter out anonymized and registered visitors)
  • Filter faces by visitor’s flags (filter dangerous, suspicious, VIP visitors or, employees)
  • Filter faces by gender (based on gender prediction)

Video Control
Play and download video clips on-demand

Users of VMS systems get frustrated waiting for the video in a queue or to buffer while watching. Especially if it’s happening in the middle of an incident inspection. The timeline section allows you to download video clips. These small video chunks are easy to play, transfer, and forward. It’s even easier on the bandwidth consumption.

  • Play video clips inside a web video player
  • Download mp4 video clips
  • Switch between the playback and live stream

Components of a Timeline Section

Video Player

  • Switch the video player between playing both recorded and live stream content
  • Pause and rewind short video clips and watch the live stream with rich AI visualization

Latest Sightings

  • View the list of last faces that appeared in front of the camera
  • Latest sightings list visitor appearances from making it easy to understand the most recent activity in front of the camera

Timeline Grid

  • The scalable timeline shows face thumbnails displayed along with the timestamps and flag colors
  • A scroll zoom-in drills faces down to milliseconds.

Timeline Search

  • Timeline search enables users to search for single or multiple visitors on a timeline grid
  • The search option acts as a filter and displays only visitors with corresponding inputs

Four Steps to Playback Suspicious Activities on Timeline

  1. Type in the camera name in live-view sections and go to a single-camera timeline view
  2. Filter only suspicious visitors with “blacklist” flag

  3. Play video clips in the right order

  4. Download the video clip within seconds

Where Do We Store the Video Recordings?

NSoft Vision is a hybrid cloud video management solution. The metadata is stored centrally on a cloud infrastructure. However, the video footage is stored entirely on a Vision Local Video Server.

Each location within the system is assigned one Vision LVS. This local server stores recordings and plays the video chunks on-demand.

You can watch the footage both remotely and locally. The system in a backend will automatically switch the streaming codecs for you to efficiently preserve bandwidth.

Such infrastructure supports smart bandwidth consumption and meets higher security and surveillance standards.

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