Product Setup

NSoft Vision video infrastructure branches into two different setup options fine tuned in regards to your security standards. Both of our product setups utilize camera streams in real-time while simultaneously leveraging industry-standard vision technology.

Hybrid-Cloud Setup

Reliable and standard solution for efficient cloud-based access to data from anywhere. This infrastructure enables you to get consistent, distributed, and automatic feature and system updates with no interruptions or hidden costs.

  • Easy to scale
  • Remote Access
  • Continuous updates
  • Standard Installation
  • Centralized Management

Self-Hosted Setup

100% self-hosted video infrastructure for high risk businesses with maintained state of quality and data centralization for all regulated sites. Have full control over the entire video surveillance while still making use of AI.

  • Built for high risk locations
  • 100% self hosted
  • Dedicated personnel for maintenance
  • Restricted access
  • Centralized management