Video Management for Retail

A smarter way to protect your stores remotely.

Video Management for Business Executives

In any business setting, the security department is in charge of surveillance. Still is. They need a video to prevent losses, keep everyone safe, and inspect evidence.

But there is more to the video. Business executives are starting to realize it is the door to real-time intelligence. They need fast, data-backed decision-making - and smart VMS solutions are starting to deliver. In fact, NSoft Vision is.

This AI-boosted video management solution has a track record of raising security standards. More importantly, it brings analytics and intelligence to the hands of decision-makers.

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Why Choose NSoft Vision?

Find Evidence Within Seconds

Instead of just downloading footage, collect enriched evidence synopsis. Recordings are matched with identities, their appearance history, face snapshots, and more.

  • AI-assisted video timeline
  • Crowding control
  • Real-time notifications
  • Access control

Customer Experience
Get Deep Insights Into Your Audience

Retail design and customer service depend on your understanding of visitors. Vision offers data you can leverage in full-scale to meet your customers’ needs.

  • Visitor demographics
  • Historic & real-time reports
  • People counting
  • Visitor heatmaps

Loss Prevention
Notice Sweethearting Before It Happens

Smart video management can prevent crime and theft at the source. A range of options allow you to set up alerts for suspicious activities upfront and stay protected.

  • Flag suspicious individuals
  • Import blacklisted identities
  • Get notified upon appearance
  • Control room access rights

Brand Loyalty
Build Long Lasting Relationships

Support your existing loyalty programs with far-reaching identity management options. Track your VIP customers across sites and tailor your service to their desires.

  • Flag and manage VIP customers
  • Track across multiple locations
  • Get notified at a point of sale
  • Central identity management

Remotely Managed, Easily Scalable

NSoft Vision is a cloud-managed, scalable addition to your current surveillance system.

Monitor all your locations from a single remote place, or on the go. From your monitoring center, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Thanks to the hybrid-cloud setup and our support, you can scale to X number of locations within months.

3 Key Areas for Efficient Camera Layout


Take notice of who goes in and out of premises and count the number of daily visitors. Head-level positioning will help identify all visitors with high accuracy.


Utilize vision for effective shift handovers and inspection, and prevent theft. Placing cameras head-high will ensure the best overview and rich data.

High-traffic Area

Bussy spots require the most attention. Bird-eye view camera positioning can help you count the people and send alerts to staff on location to take a look.

Surveillance Makeover You Can Actually Afford

Modernizing your current IP system is a costly process.

That is why NSoft Vision is built to integrate with the IP system you already own.

We make sure you always get our full support. Both during the initial system setup and uptime maintenance.

Low network consumption

Flexible hardware configuration

1500+ IP cameras supported

“... What If Something Goes Wrong?”

We make sure you always get our full support. Both during the initial system setup and uptime maintenance.

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