Visitor Management

You Manage, AI Collects the Visitor Data for You

Know More About Your Visitors

High-traffic areas need every ounce of visibility they can get. They require reliable insights possible under real challenges, including lighting, crowds, and different camera angles.

NSoft Vision allows you to collect visitor data and choose how you manage it. You can group visitors using flags, create notifications based on their past behaviour, and understand what's happening on-site in real time. Security, loyalty programs, employee management - you define your use cases, we make it custom.

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Bringing Improvements To Entire Business Operations

Vision performs indoor and outdoor visitor tracking in dynamic environments. The system was built to improve these three segments with cross-location visitor tracking.

Secure Environment
Profit Loss Prevention

Theft and shrinkage call for better loss prevention efforts. It’s important to know when critical guests are on-site and their whereabouts.

  • Identification at point of sale and point of entrance
  • Alerts for suspicious or critical visitors
  • Management of visitor blacklists
  • Notifications and live-stream signalization

Loyalty Programmes
Treat Your Customers Right

Customers choose brands that offer better value. Now you can gather accurate data and set up outstanding loyalty programmes.

  • Flag and manage VIP customers
  • Track customers across locations (centralized data)
  • See customers’ activity, demographics, and appearances
  • Get real-time alerts

Employee Management
Keep Your Employees Safe and Focused

Put care into your workforce, control access to high-risk areas, inspect shift handovers, and create safer and better environments.

  • Access control
  • Appearance location and time stamps
  • Group employees by departments or seniority

Features That Make Visitor Management Efficient


Mark top-priority visitors with custom statuses and get real-time awareness.


Group your visitors and employees based on departments, subscriptions, or seniority.


Real-time, modifiable alerts triggered upon visitor's appearance (via email & app)


Notification management according to visitor flags and observed locations.

Four Steps to Manage One Visitor

Create a flag

Flag your visitor

Define notification rules

Check the app or email inbox

Why Use Our Cloud-managed Solution?

Remote Access

Centrally and on the go

Lower Operational Costs

Fewer on-site installations and deployments

Remote Assistance

Lesser need for on-site interventions

Adaptive Growth & Scalability

Grow location at a time

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