Visitor Management For Businesses

You manage, AI collects the data for you

A Complicated Software For Easy-to-do Things

The idea behind our AI is to provide you with an extra layer of visibility.
An awareness possible under real challenges including lighting and angles. Our goal was to make it easy for you to operate with the results our AI delivers.

With NSoft Vision, you chose how you manage your visitors. This action-ready software allows you to group visitors with custom flags and tags. Create notifications based on visitors' statuses. See those statuses displayed on camera streams LIVE...and in colors. Which makes it a perfect addition to your security, loyalty programs, and employee management.

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Advancements through four sections - Agitate

Bringing Improvements To Entire Business Operations

Vision performs indoor and outdoor visitor tracking in dynamic environments. The system was built to improve these three segments with cross-location visitor tracking.

For Security
Security Measures Have The Highest Impact on Profit-loss Prevention

Retail stores across all business sectors report that security measures have the highest effect on the reduction of shrinkage. Retail respondents attributed 71% as high impact to security improvements. Meaning, your video surveillance has a huge impact on loss prevention. Preventing shoplifting, theft, and asset damage have been a primary concern both for your and our business. Usual suggestions from your surveillance partner indeed work. Putting cameras at the point of sale can help fight shoplift and shrink from employees. But new technology allows you to do more. Much more. Our visitor management keeps you alert on the activities of your most critical visitors.

  • Face recognition at point of sale and point of entrance
  • Flag suspicious or crucial visitors
  • Import identities from known blacklists
  • Notifications and live-stream visualization of flags

For Loyalty
Do You Know When Your VIP Customers Appear?

As much as 84% of customers say they stick with a brand that offers good loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are a way brands say they care about customers. Understanding the traffic flow your visitors take brings a deeper understanding of your customers. Seeing how often loyal customers visit and what locations, could enhance the way you treat your most important visitors. With NSoft Vision, you can flag your VIP customers based on their tier level and know the moment they enter your retail. Which means higher customer retention, more sales, and bigger brand advocacy.

  • Flag your VIP customers (with custom colorized flags)
  • Track your customers across locations (centralized data)
  • See your VIP customer’s activity, statistics, and appearances
  • Identify your VIP customers at the moment they enter your shop

For Employees
Keep Your Employees Safe and Focused

Managing your employees is another challenge retail businesses face. The time they appear on locations, shift change, areas only certain personnel are allowed to visit, and more. NSoft Vision allows you to put care into your workforce, keep employees focused and create a smarter and safer environment.

  • Use NSoft Vision for Access Control
  • Time in and Time out (view first and last employee appearance for a day)
  • Tag employees by departments (filter employee list by departments or management levels)

Four features

Features That Make Visitor Management Efficient


Flags are custom-created visitor statuses that can be created in a back-office application. You can choose the color for each created flag and assign any recognized identity to a flag. Flags represent top priority visitors. Flagged visitors are visualized on camera streams which makes monitoring more efficient.


Tags are custom visitor filters that are created in visitor settings. There are primary and secondary tags. Tags allow you to filter appointed identities in the directory and timeline section of the user interface. Tags are mostly used to filter employees based on their departments or seniority.


The appearance of visitors with assigned flags is followed with instant notifications to responsible personnel. There are email and in-app notifications. You can customize which users receive notifications based on the user permission hierarchy.


VMS users with fitting permissions can create and manage flags and visitors within the flags. Within the back-office application, you can view the list of all flags and visitors.

Four Steps to Manage One Visitor

  1. Create a flag and pick a color
  2. Flag your visitor
  3. Filter out the visitor
  4. Check your live stream or email inbox

Why Use Our Hybrid-cloud Solution?

Remote Access - Easily monitor multiple locations from anywhere. Access your most important information on the go.

Decrease Expenses - Cloud solution provides significant savings to organizations by more efficient use of computing resources

Eliminate maintenance - focus on running your retail business and completely eliminate the possibility of physical damage

Adaptive Growth & Scalability
- Grow the number of locations more easily and scale without large up-front investments

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