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So far, insights on visitor traffic in your retail business have been a black box. Even with large technological advancements, most retail businesses are still in the dark. The data is generally poor across the retail and traffic data is still mostly not there.

However, being able to make data-backed decisions is of immense value. We understand that. It is why NSoft Vision has decided to deliver a smart eye over your venture. Our VMS is a lot like Google Analytics, but instead of the web, your retail is at the center. View detailed traffic and demographic reports on a single intuitive dashboard. Awareness of traffic, hot periods, new and returning customers… You name it.

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Retail Performance Matters

Reporting dashboards help retailers bring valuable data into one place. It serves as a retail performance measurement system that provides reports valuable across marketing, sales, business, and operations areas.

Identify Opportunities
Find your retail’s best performing locations and hot periods

Retailers are always looking for ways to increase their sales. One of the most effective ways is to find out which locations in your store are performing well and at what times. Historic Reports show what locations are attracting the most traffic throughout viewed periods. Heat maps help you identify the most attractive areas within the retail. All while both of these reports show the hottest periods within a selected time range. With this data, you are able not only to discover the best-performing locations but to identify the content within locations that attracted the most interest.

Measure Marketing Efforts
Measure the return on your marketing campaigns

Campaigns have the goal of increasing traffic to the company's website or retail stores. With NSoft Vision there is a way to measure the return on your marketing campaigns. Simply push the marketing campaigns first, and measure the return in the retail traffic data later. The same way your Google Analytics account shows you the audience demographics, NSoft Vision provides deep insight into your visitors. From age and gender, new and returning customers, to traffic numbers both live and historically. Once the campaign is done, you will know if it really paid dividends.

Reporting Dashboards

✅ Historic Reports

Chose to preview daily, weekly, and monthly reports all within a single dashboard. Understand historic traffic trends, the age and gender of your visitors, who your most active visitors were, and more. The dashboard allows you to view reports for cameras and locations that you select. The label feature enables you to save and prioritize the group of locations and camera for the default view.

- Select custom time ranges

- Data export (use the data for BI tools)

- People count data

- Age and gender data

Live reports

This dashboard is an excellent way to get insights into what is happening in your retail location. They provide you with digestible people counting data at a glance. Displayed both on the grid and on a responsive map. The same as with historic reports, you can change locations, cameras, and labels for which you preview live reports.

- Map preview (live people counting data)

- Treemap preview of top locations and cameras

- List of top 10 locations (highest traffic)

- Total amount of people

Heat Maps

Heat maps present the data in a visually appealing way and point out to the level of your visitor interest in different retail areas. You can view what zones attracted the most traffic, and make an educated guess as to what content is attracting the most interest.

- Hot zone preview (top traffic areas)

- Visitor session duration (within hot zones)

- Intuitive coloring

Important functionalities

Location and camera filters- Within each type of dashboard you can instantly switch the data preview based on the selection of cameras and locations.

Label preview - You can save cameras and locations inside labels. Labels allow you to instantly view the high-priority locations on a reporting dashboard.

Select date ranges - as long as there is data in the storage, you can preview custom selected time periods for historic and heat map reports.

Graphic & colorized data display - all reports are displayed in a visually friendly way and data is previewed inside an actionable and easily digestible form

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