Video Analytics

Make Better Business Decisions by Leveraging Video Data

Bring the Data Into Your Business

The majority of businesses today are still in the dark. Using their CCTV only to observe, they are missing out on AI-generated insights.

Vision brings data into your business, the same way Google Analytics does for your website. You can make sense of real-time traffic numbers, historic traffic trends, visitor demographics, hot periods and more.

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Business Performance Matters

AI video analytics can help you measure your business performance. In turn, you can make informed marketing, sales, and business decisions.

Identify Opportunities
Business Performance Metrics

Finding out what parts of your business are performing well - move the needle towards higher profits.

  • Real-time traffic data (cross-location)
  • Traffic history reports
  • Hot periods (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Heat maps & hot zones

Return on Marketing
Better Marketing Campaigns

Make sure your marketing efforts are creating desired outcomes. Promote your next big event, and view the return in traffic and demographics later.

  • Look at traffic numbers
  • View age and gender reports
  • See what areas attracted visitors
  • Count the first-time visitors

Reporting Dashboards

✅ Historic Reports

Chose to preview daily, weekly, and monthly reports all within a single dashboard. Understand historic traffic trends, the age and gender of your visitors, who your most active visitors were, and more. The dashboard allows you to view reports for cameras and locations that you select. The label feature enables you to save and prioritize the group of locations and camera for the default view.

- Select custom time ranges

- Data export (use the data for BI tools)

- People count data

- Age and gender data

Live reports

This dashboard is an excellent way to get insights into what is happening in your retail location. They provide you with digestible people counting data at a glance. Displayed both on the grid and on a responsive map. The same as with historic reports, you can change locations, cameras, and labels for which you preview live reports.

- Map preview (live people counting data)

- Treemap preview of top locations and cameras

- List of top 10 locations (highest traffic)

- Total amount of people

Heat Maps

Heat maps present the data in a visually appealing way and point out to the level of your visitor interest in different retail areas. You can view what zones attracted the most traffic, and make an educated guess as to what content is attracting the most interest.

- Hot zone preview (top traffic areas)

- Visitor session duration (within hot zones)

- Intuitive coloring

Effortless Preview Thanks To

Location and Camera Filters

Switch between views instantly

Label Preview

Prioritize what you see first

Date Range Filters

Up to months, down to minutes

Visual Data Display

Easy to understand and take actions

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