Continous Recording

24/7 recordings stored in compliance with Video Retention Requirements

Keeping people and spaces safe largely depends on the ability to access footage all the time. Perhaps the most common surveillance feature, that is well-known for its uninterrupted recording is the best way to keep the premises secure.

Continuous Recording is a mode of operation that allows for 24x7 recording of all video footage captured by your cameras.

Our system stores the footage on the locally dedicated server where cameras are placed to secure a well-protected environment. Not at the camera, not in the cloud!

This way you're able to access footages locally, as well as demand only important video chunks remotely without other footage ever leaving your local network.

Video Retention Requirements always vary from country to country and is usually allowed between 7 to 30 days from the moment recording was captured. We allow you to set triggers and choose a time frame for keeping footage.

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