People Counting

Count the number of people regardless of face recognition and understand traffic trends

Every brick-and-mortar business should count visitor traffic in order to see the bigger picture and understand the traffic trends one way or another. Regardless if you are a retail store, cinema, stadium, or shopping mall, you do need to understand periodical visitor traffic to create value in terms of revenue, profit, and efficiency.

Our people counting feature helps you make data-backed business decisions and understand your visitor traffic.

Most of the current solutions on the market are built to perform people counting solely, such as footfall counters, door counter devices, etc. With NSoft Vision, you no longer need a special electronic device built specifically for people counting. We embedded people counting to serve as one of the smart functions that your existing IP camera can perform with a high-efficiency rate.

People counting is a live data that allows the user to see the number of people currently positioned in front of the camera. This data can be used to continually monitor and be aware of the number of people circulating across multiple locations in real-time. The same head detection data is used to count the number of people that visited you locations in total.

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