Zones & Search

By combining AI features and the unlimited number of zones on the stream, you can stay in charge of your company’s security.

Other systems tend to pick up on all types of events or movements within the defined zone, while NSoft Vision enables you to choose what event is considered relevant. In addition to drawing a different number of zones, and assigning name, colour or description, users can assign AI features to each zone selectively.

There are numerous ways to use zones in accordance with your needs. Review and explore historical data on timeline by marking specific zones on the stream and observing any motion-like activity within. Take control of your surveillance with customizable alarms set around designated zones. Draw attention to risky areas by placing alarms triggered when a human body enters or crosses the specified zone, providing real-time alerts for enhanced security.

Get a focused analysis and deeper understanding of the data patterns by isolating a specific area on a heatmap to exclusively track reports from it.

Determine the direction of people movement within zones for precise analytics. Whether designating entrance and exit points or tracking individuals' flow, our system enables accurate counting of people passing through specific areas. Body counters can be valuable for various purposes, such as analyzing foot traffic in a store, monitoring the flow of people in public spaces, or any scenario where counting the number of people moving through specific zones is essential.

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