Age & Gender Prediction

Industry-standard age estimation within +/-5 from real age and 99% success rate in a controlled environment

Imagine having the data from the retail providing you with full demographic reporting the same way Google Analytics does for your webpage.

NSoft Vision makes this possible with the help of Age & Gender Prediction. You can use your IP cameras to predict the gender of visitors with a 99% success rate in a controlled environment or to estimate the age of every visitor within an industry-standard of +/-5 years.

Behind the age and gender prediction lies the work of the neural network that was trained with the purpose of estimating age and gender. Meaning, this prediction is done independent of the face recognition model, making it more effective.

The age prediction is best suited for preventing any possible appearances of underaged people at the locations with sensible contents. Gender prediction in combination with age data is appropriate for ensuring full demographic reports covering the age and gender structure at retail.

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