Video Management for Hotels

VMS That Improves Hotel Security and Operations

NSoft Vision is a video management system that helps hotels increase security and boost business operations.

The hospitality industry is fairly vulnerable to crime. Crime rates actually have continued to rise in recent years. This is why most hotels have advanced security systems in place. However, security systems mostly just serve one single purpose in hotels - security.

NSoft Vision, in contrast, tries to bring benefits across the board while still not interrupting your security efforts. In fact, it gives your security a boost. As a bonus, you keep the infrastructure and use Vision as a means of improving safety and operations.

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Two Areas for Employees & Safety

NSoft Vision Improves Safety and Business Operations

A video management system can be an important tool for any hotel. The NSoft Vision system is able to provide all the functionality that you would expect from any video management system, but it also offers advanced video analytics that bring a wide range of benefits.

For Security
Keep Your Spaces and Guests Safe

It’s important that hotels have a plan in place to keep guests and employees safe. One of the most important things hotel security can do is have a video management system installed. NSoft Vision can help identify suspicious activities, guest misbehavior, room servicing, and more. Flag and manage staff members within the system (monitor employees)

  • Import vandals or blacklist visitors and get notified upon the appearance
  • Review footage based on events in key areas
  • License plate recognition on the outside area

For Customer Experience
Improve The Quality of Your Customer Service, Notably

NSoft Vision is a video management system that helps you to improve customer experience and change the way you treat your guests.
The system allows you to manage both your staff members and guests with advanced built-in options. From now on you can treat every person personally, how you deem most relevant for the business.

  • Custom flags and tags for high-priority guests and staff
  • Organize your staff based on the data
  • Get notified when VIP customers arrive
  • Control display for cashier place (prevent frauds)

Two Setup Options

Choose between two different setup options?

Hybrid-cloud Setup
- a standard system infrastructure that easily scales and updates. The data is stored in the cloud for more efficient remote access and data retrieval, while the sensitive footages and AI processing is done on a locally dedicated server.

Self-hosted Setup - locally hosted on self-managed server infrastructure. The setup enables full control over the entire video and metadata with strict access control. The complete installation process is done with our technical staff's full support.

Worried About Installation or Maintenance? Don’t be.

Our in-field trained technical staff is there to assess your needs, existing infrastructure & IP demands, and inform you about eventual corrections if there should be any.

Installation is easy and fast - so much it can be performed by an untrained person in less than 30 minutes. Regardless, our professionals are there to provide 24/7 support and handle the installation.

  • Support for over 1500+ IP cameras (system works with almost any IP camera

  • NSoft Vision works with your existing industrial, heavy-duty, thermal, and LPR cameras

  • Intuitive and step by step installation for cloud solution (20 minutes per server)

  • A self-hosted solution is installed on your servers with our full sysadmin support

  • The system is scalable and consistently updated remotely or on the spot

  • All features are released automatically without any software versioning

  • User-friendly interface

Two Key Areas of Analytics

For Access Control
It Is Like Google Analytics For Your Restaurant or Cafe

Merging IP cameras with access control systems provides an enhanced extra-thick layer of safety.
NSoft Vision is an integration-ready software that can be used as a second-factor authentication for access control. Advanced face recognition algorithms can also stream the data to a third-party systems. Vision VMS can as well be used as a guest onboarding application and help to automatically onboard visitors.

  • Flag and tag are known or first-time visitors
  • Face recognition as a second layer for 2-factor authentication
  • Integration-ready

For Occupancy
View The Traffic Numbers in Guest Areas In Real-Time

NSoft Vision provides an ability to read the data live on multiple locations or hotel areas. Real-time reports show you the current number of people in front of a single or selected group of cameras or locations. A map view allows you to see the visitor numbers displayed geographically.

  • People count data is refreshed every 5 seconds
  • People counting works without face recognition
  • Map view with a displayed number of people on each location

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