Intelligent Video Management & Process Optimization for Manufacturing

Improve production efficiency and security

Defined Industrial Use Cases

Every industrial security system should satisfy safety and process automatization needs. Not just with the regular site surveillance but with a customized solution that takes into account specific production processes. Constant innovation is a key factor for maintaining high production and safety standards. A high-quality modernization is not possible without professional in-field risk assessment and understanding of manufacturing processes.

NSoft Vision is a production-ready video management system with experience in covering use cases for Oil Refinery & Paper Mill. This AI-boosted industrial solution has a portfolio of raising security standards, optimizing processes, preventing unwanted human behavior, and access control. It’s our mission to ensure you get the most from every IP camera you own.

Already have an idea how you’d use the solution?

Four Key Areas of Improvement

We Help You Create Safe & Optimized Environments

Whether you’re Apparel and Textiles, Food Production, or Oil, Chemicals, Metal Manufacturing business we are ready to listen to your needs and offer the solution that fits your industry.

For Safety
Raise Security Standards by Protecting Your People & Assets

Most manufacturing businesses often struggle to ensure safety for everyone involved in the manufacturing processes. NSoft Vision primarily helps with boosting industrial security systems with the power of artificial intelligence and efficient stream & data management.

  • Fire prevention with thermal cameras (machine/plant overheating)
  • Occupancy control with people counting (overcrowding on risky units)
  • Centralized notification system for dangerous events
  • Access control for high-risk areas (only allowed personnel can enter units)

For Processes
Automate, Accelerate, Integrate & Create Better Processes

Production processes are usually complex in terms of what system is performing the process and what the level of automation is for each process. Our trained technical staff is there to assess the state of the art and deliver a cost-effective solution.

  • Automated cubical capacity approximation of stockpiles/raw materials
  • Integration with weight, height, and volume measurement machinery (data enrichment)
  • Faster vehicle/driver access control with license plate/face recognition (centralized data)
  • Human detection for eventual process interruptions (get instant alerts)

For Human Detection
Advanced AI Algorithm for Awareness on Human Behavior

People are the most important and most endangered asset in any production facility. Keeping your employees unharmed and away from unwanted behavior is a number #1 priority.

  • Face recognition for improved situational awareness and access control
  • People Counting for occupancy control, area monitoring, and heat maps
  • Age and gender estimation for extensive visitor demographics

For Access Control
Keep Control Over “Who and What” Comes Inside the Facility

Manufacturing facilities have a need for access control both at the main entrance areas and specific units of the factory. NSoft Vision is equipped to perform Access Control based on its Face Recognition but is also integration-ready for different access control systems.

  • Face recognition & visitor identification (works in dynamic environments)
  • Support for Licence Plate Recognition cameras (extra layer of information)
  • Support for Human Body Temperature measuring (integration with thermal cameras)
  • Tag visitors with custom flags (management, C-level, distributors, suspicious visitors)

Product Catalog

The perfect product is waiting to be discovered. Explore the NSoft Vision, a Video Management System supported by AI and VMS features.

Stay Aware

  • Maintain awareness and manage the entire system centrally through self-hosted or cloud solutions
  • Give custom-created user permissions for video management to responsible personnel
  • Monitor live streams and AI visualization on selected locations and cameras


  • Receive notifications and alerts for different events across all your premises
  • Whether the number of people in areas is above allowed or personnel without permission is entering facilities, you can know instantly
  • More importantly you can pull the footage within seconds and use the power of AI to investigate


  • Customize the system to adjust the notifications based on the location and user permissions
  • Employees that receive notification can be within the facility and react instantly on the spot


  • Communicate use cases with our technical staff specific to your industry
  • Our AI services team is experienced in creating custom process automation or advanced measurement procedures with the help of machine learning methods

It’s much easier than you think!

NSoft Vision comes in two different setup options - Self-hosted (your own server infrastructure) or as a cloud-hosted solution (easily scalable & set up).

Our in-field trained technical staff is there to assess your needs, existing infrastructure & IP demands, and inform you about eventual corrections if there should be any.

Regardless, our professionals are there to provide full support and handle the installation.

  • Support for over 1500+ IP cameras (system works with almost any IP camera

  • NSoft Vision works with your existing industrial, heavy-duty, thermal, and LPR cameras

  • Intuitive and step by step installation for cloud solution (20 minutes per server)

  • A self-hosted solution is installed on your servers with our full sysadmin support

  • The system is scalable and consistently updated remotely or on the spot

  • All features are released automatically without any software versioning

  • User-friendly interface

Maybe you’ve already been burned by an overpriced or over-complicated IP system setup. It happens.

That’s why we’ve built our business model around making sure our customers get our full support. You can even discuss the custom projects directly with the AI services department.

  • 24/7 Expertise & Support

  • Flexibility

  • Experience