AI System for Prison Security

Improve safety in prisons and correctional facilities

Safety, Control and Evidence

CCTV is known to improve the feeling of safety. It’s also a proven way to bring down the disorder in prisons.

The sole presence of the camera affects how prison inmates and staff behave.

However, despite their soothing effects, most CCTV systems in prisons are not adapted for efficient prison security.

NSoft Vision helps you to bulletproof the work of your current CCTV and bring improvements in four key areas of your correctional facility:

  • Detection of crime

  • Identification of individuals

  • Gathering evidence

  • Access control

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Two Features That Improve Area Monitoring

Turn Your CCTV Camera Into a Capable Guardian

You don’t need to install a new CCTV or buy expensive advanced cameras. NSoft Vision helps to turn your existing cameras into smart units. Let’s see how it’s done.

Motion Detection
Monitor and Get Alerts for Perimeter Fence & Prison Yard

Motion detection can be used to keep your perimeters and prison yard safe. The system can be set up to detect any motion and alert you when it happens. You can also set up multiple zones of motion detection on each camera, so you only get alerted when something happens in the areas that you are concerned about.

  • Visually draw multiple motion zones on the camera stream
  • Get alerted when the body or certain identities appear
  • View motion events on the timeline for each motion zone
  • Customize who receives alerts and how

People Counting
Control The Allowed Number of People in Key Areas

Real-time people counting allows you to constantly stay aware of the occupancy in key areas. The feature is especially useful for counting numbers in dining halls, prison yards, and maximum security units. You can modify the allowed number of people in certain areas and get alerted in case the maximum capacity has been exceeded.

  • Count the number of people for a group of cameras and locations
  • Customize alert people count triggers
  • Choose who receives people count alerts and how
  • See daily, weekly, and monthly reports of people count

Worried About Installation or Maintenance?

Our in-field trained technical staff is there to assess your needs, existing infrastructure & IP demands, and inform you about eventual corrections if there should be any.

Installation is easy and fast - so much it can be performed by an untrained person in less than 30 minutes.

Regardless, our professionals are there to provide 24/7 support and handle the installation.

  • Support for over 1500+ IP cameras (system works with almost any IP camera)

  • NSoft Vision works with your existing industrial, heavy-duty, thermal, and LPR cameras

  • Intuitive and step by step installation for cloud solution (20 minutes per server)

  • A self-hosted solution is installed on your servers with our full sysadmin support

  • The system is scalable and consistently updated remotely or on the spot

  • All features are released automatically without any software versioning

For Access Control
Keep Control of Who Comes Through Gatehouse & Entrances

NSoft Vision can be used both as a single means of identification or as a support to an existing access control system.

Vision as a Solo Solution

You can identify and monitor all the known personnel, inmates, or visitors, and keep track of their appearances in different prison areas. Not only can you successfully identify each person in the entrance areas, but you can choose to mark each person within the system based on their line of duty.

Vision as an Integrated System

NSoft Vision is an integration-ready software that can be used for multi-factor access control. Advanced face recognition algorithms can stream the data to a third-party system and give the green light to proceed with opening gates and doors.

For Gathering Evidence
Find Relevant and Telling Evidence

When you react to incidents, you need to be able to collect evidence fast. This is especially true in correctional institutions. Using NSoft Vision, you don’t really “rewind the footage”. You pull only the crucial moment within the video based on key events. The user-friendly interface allows you to find the identities involved in activities, preview their movement across the prison areas, assemble the activity timeline and quickly pull the relevant footage.

  • Immediately get personal information of people involved in activities
  • Get face images and video footage
  • View the areas where identities appeared prior to incidents

The Power of Real-time Alerts

High-risk facilities should not only rely on monitoring video walls. The human focus tends to be overly stretched when faced with too many screens in common security areas.

Our real-time alerts are there to provide you with enhanced awareness and allow a sharp incident reaction.

You can modify every notification and chose one of the 6 trigger events:

  • Appearance Detection
  • Crowd Detections
  • Motion Detection
  • Body Temperature
  • Age & Gender
  • Flag Detection