Motion Zones & Search

By combining AI features with our motion detection technology, you can stay in charge of your company’s security.

Motion detection is NSoft Vision's algorithm designed to detect movements in any area you select and follow up with an alert. Motion detection allows you to pick and choose what area on the camera frame you want to monitor for motion. Motion detectors are one of the most common and most useful sensors, providing convenience, safety, and help while conserving resources.

Systems with standard motion detection tend to pick up on all types of movement, while NSoft Vision enables you to chose what motion is considered relevant. This feature works by sensing the intensity of pixels change and how big the change is on the frame of a camera.

Users can choose to create up to four motion zones on each camera to work simultaneously. It’s really simple, you just drag pins across the frame and activate it. A sensitivity level for each motion zone can be controlled and adjusted by users themselves.

As an addition, the Motion Area Search feature can drastically change the time and effort needed to find motion and events. Area Search is a hit-and-run feature, meaning that you will use it intentionally, and for a shorter period of time to find desired motion back in the past.

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